Converting the manual towers into electric – Ref. ELECTRIC

With this practical and very safe system, you have the possibility to raise and lower the TORO material lifts electrically (ranges B, C and D); converting the manual towers into electric towers.

The ‘ELECTRIC’ system is a very useful accessory which allows you to quickly and effortlessly raise the TORO lifters guaranteeing utmost safety at all times.
The accessory is made up of a 750W METABO drill and an adaptor to secure it to the hand winch on the lifter. The adaptor ensures a firm fix of the drill so that the user is not required to hold the drill in place. This detail not only makes it effortless to use but also prevents possible risk of bodily injuries.


The ‘ELECTRIC’ system is installed quickly and easily and have the following references depending on the tower it will be used with:

TORO B-Range towers — ref. ELECTRIC B (Net Weight: 6,84 kg)

TORO C-Range towers — ref. ELECTRIC C (Net Weight: 6,84 kg)

TORO D-Range towers — ref. ELECTRIC D (Net Weight: 6,10 kg)

NOTE: When this electric system is used the TORO D-Range towers have a maximum load capacity of 350 kg.