Material lifter ELC-750

Material lift to raise loads of up to 150 kg (330.7 lb) to 4.50 metres (14.9 ft).


√ Timesaving > 100% Productivity.
√ Maximum stability, safety and durability.
√ Compact design – Easy manoeuvrability and loading in vehicles.
√ Fast and easy set-up with no tools required. There are no loose parts.
√ Brake winch that blocks the load in place when handle is released.
√ With its reduced size and weight it is easily used by one technician.
√ For industrial, commercial or domestic installations. For both indoor and outdoor use.
√ Made in Spain – Immediate availability of spare or replacement parts.
√ Manufactured with the most advanced technology, going through rigorous quality controls and complying with German and European CE standards.

It has a compact and lightweight design for easy handling, transportation and storage and can fit in small vehicles for maximum manoeuvrability.
This means that one technician can transport and use the ELC-750 lift with ease, saving time and increasing productivity.


Material lifters ELC-750

Catalogue 2019